Kuch Khaas Keto Food Challenge – Episode 4 – Nadir’s Goulash w/ Mango Salad

Goulash! Not just a fun word to say, but one brilliant recipe brought back from the records of history. Originating from medieval Hungary, this recipe has the potential to put you in serious competition… or in a state of major satisfaction


Mango Salad:

Ingedients :
Sliced mangoes

Sliced Cucumbers
Cherry Tomatoes
Instructions Its a salad, just mix it all together 🙂

Beef Goulash:
1 Kg steak chunks
2 onions
3 tbsp tomato paste
2 cloves garlic
salt and pepper to taste
2 tbsp cream
2 tsp Cayenne powder
Chicken stock 1 litre
salt and pepper to taste
1 tbsp olive oil
350 ml water
  1. Heat 1 tbsp olive oil in a  saucepan. Sprinkle 700g stewing steak chunks with onions and garlic in three batches, adding an extra 1 tbsp oil for each batch.
  2. Add 2 tbsp tomato paste and 2 tbsp Cayenne Powder. Cook, stirring, for 2 mins.
  3. Add Chicken stock. Cover and let simmer for 1 hr 30 mins – 2 hrs.
  4. Season well with salt and freshly ground pepper. Stir in 150ml soured cream and serve

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